Posted by: Billy Durden | December 7, 2010

Lecture: Matteo Bittanti

Lecture: Matteo Bittanti

Before this lecture I had a very little knowledge of video game art. I have quit playing video games and only know most new games from the glimpses I’ve seen while my roommates play them in their rooms. Also the only prior game art I’ve also really ever seen is the machinima on the Game Stop commercials promoting pre-ordering of newly released games. I was hooked from the start when he began to go over works of art by himself and other artists. Also his reasoning of why he does what he does as a “career” had an impact to more than just digital media, but relates to people our age.

The first works he showed were photo manipulations of screen shots taken in video games. His recreations of the Obama add campaigns brought a lot of humor. The contrast of the sports car driving under an add for Obama, and the war scene which had the campaign logo on a wall showed many ways that these manipulations can work to bring out humor. Another funny piece was the video of Street Fighter that he put in extreme slow motion, gave another way to look at this game. He then went on to explain the “slow-mo” manipulation of these very rapid games which gives a humorous let down to people who are familiar to their fast pace. The one video he showed us that didn’t quite fit his humorous and fun works was Bruno. He didn’t give any description of it at first so as the video played I thought it was going to be another fast paced game with the let down from being played so slow. The game he used was a parkour type style, which he directed the character to look around and walk slowly for about 10 minutes it seemed like. Then the character jumped off the side of a building. Everyone kinda chuckled at the end. Matteo then told everyone that this was a recreation his friends suicide. The creation of this event in a video game made you see his death very different and after being informed of the nature of the video made you think of maybe what was going through his mind when he was on top of the building. Matteo gave his input to this and other videos that use game art to surface realities about human truths.

The final part of the lecture Matteo discussed how he got into this profession and art. I enjoyed this the most because it seemed very genuine. He says all his interests and hobbies sculpted him to create things from mediums he was involved in. When he creates art that is manipulations he puts it in the past and moves on because he enjoyed the process. He thinks that he shouldn’t benefit or profit from these works that stem from other people’s own material. His look on putting interests in all aspects of life, for example making games of things that are boring. He showed how he has incorporated fitness to this by his ipod recording how far he walks and jogs, then sharing the results online to compete with his friends. Everything about this lecture was a very positive outlook on how video game art can portray real life.



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