Posted by: Billy Durden | December 7, 2010

Final Projects

“Assignments”: Learning to Love You More-

#40- Heal yourself. (I altered my owe version of this assigment)

The original version of this assignment asks for a way you have healed yourself in the past, but I have altered my response to this as if I could heal a present injury. My version is more like a fictional fairytale to avoid surgery and have my body heal itself.  I recently went to the doctor about my shoulder that hasn’t healed completely from a fall skiing. I was told I need surgery and that if I got it done before the year was over the cost would be significantly lower. So my surgery was scheduled for right after finals and now I have to miss the rest of the ski season. My version os this assignment would be cool to think of all the ways I could non-traditionally heal myself, because there is no way to heal torn and missing ligaments without surgery. If I could heal myself I would want to discover a eco-friendly method to stimulate the growth and repair of connective tissue. There is almost no real way to do this because these cells don’t have the blood supply to required for the synthesis of new tissue. So I would seek out some consumable plant that would program the cells to repair themselves to grow new ligaments and position my shoulder back to its normal postition. Here are my really x-rays to show the movement.

#11- Photograph a scar and write about it.

This scar is the most important to me. It is the incision mark from where my patella tendon was partially removed and relocated as my new anterior cruciate ligament (ACL). I tore my ACL skiing the first week of skiing four years ago. I went off a jump and landed with my weight on the back of my skis. I heard a loud “pop” and then felt the worst pain ever. After about 2 hours the pain mostly went awake and felt tender for a few day after. I went to the doctor the next week and found out I had torn my ACL. A month later this scar was formed when I went in for my reconstruction of the ligaments. I always see it as the best bad thing that ever happened to me because it made me see so many things I had never thought about. Being away from physical activity and the things I loved gave me more appreciation for them. I gained mental endurance and determination from the recovery of this accident as well. It was 8 months of, at first, painful and hard work to get back to skiing and my senior year of football. One of the biggest things I got from this was seeing the field of career I wanted to go into. Hours of being at the hospital and physical therapy led me to a great interest in orthopedics. Below are some photos of the surgery while the incision was opened up.

#10- Make a flier about your day.

The day I chose was November 29, 2010. It is significant to me because it was my birthday. The day covered all aspects of where I spend most of my time and a few of the things I enjoy. I wanted to give it the feeling of the fliers for concerts and local events at clubs I walk by everyday going to school. To think about one of these fliers having someones day on it in would be really humorous.

The Johnny Cash Project:


I wanted to initially do this as part of my project because my cousin is married to Johnny Cash’s nephew. She took on the last name of cash as well. I chose to illustrate this frame because the overall composition gave an impression of grandeur to Cash’s image. I wanted to try to recreate the image as closely as I could with out altering or adding too much to the original to keep this impression in my creation. The hand in the foreground is huge compared with the background, which is all very distant. Also his finger blocks some of the sun and creates lens flare. Both of these add to Cash’s larger than life character. 


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