Posted by: Billy Durden | September 20, 2010

Assingment #2

Post Cards:

In this project I wanted to use the separate photos together to give the impression of post cards. In some cheesy post cards of tourist locations it seems like the creator tries to cram as many images of things that are unique to that area. This also happens with souvenirs that are sold in these vacation spots.  I wanted to give a landscape and an object this feeling in each image. The images were used either stuffed together as a picture on an object or placed in the landscape. When all three are together (vertically) it gives the feeling of the type of post cards that are connected and folded so they can be torn off.



  1. WOW! You did a great job in this project. I really love how you have transformed all these pictures and make it sorts of like dreamland. I love it! I love the coloring, as well. Very nice~~~

  2. I like the way you incorporated the various images into three very different pictures while still staying true to your overall theme.

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