Posted by: Billy Durden | September 20, 2010

Assignment #1


Using the guidelines of photo-collage, I started the piece off with a printed image of two giraffes under a tree. The concept I was shooting at was to take a picture of wildlife and use the photos and text to urbanize the scene as if they were in a city zoo. I used text from magazines between each photo to give a strong presence of people. Clips of buildings and structures were placed together to make skyscrapers. The strips of photos were added to the front of the scene to make the impression of a cage. I feel that the use of photos and text were a great way to transform the original image of nature, to the exact opposite of an enclosed area in a city.



  1. Nice work! I really like the disconnected pieces you have as your backgroud (those black pieces)– it makes it looks like puzzle and brings out the girraffe out of the pictures; makes it all pop-out. Nicely done 🙂

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